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CULTURE FRANCE | May - June 2023 | Sully sur Loire, France

Sully and Loiret Festival

The music festival of Sully and Loiret was born in 1973 of the will of music lovers of the city of Sully-sur-Loire. While the castle of the Duke of Sully is being restored, these music lovers lay the first stones of what has become, over the years, a pre-eminent artistic rendezvous in the French musical landscape. For 33 years, from 1973 to 2006, the castle of Sully hosted concerts in the guards room on the ground floor as well as in the courtyard, then under a large auditorium installed for the occasion in the park. The festival is undergoing a major development, going so far as to organize concerts for almost a month. Concerts of classical music, amplified music and jazz succeed each other with world-class stars like the immense Miles Davis. This festival now has a dual mission. It brings to life this high level musical encounter which contributes greatly to the notoriety of the Loiret and encourages the spectators, originating from the department or not, to visit the places in which are organized the concerts. The vast majority of these sites belong to the departmental architectural heritage.

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