CAMERATA EUROPÆA (CE) encourages the dialogue between European countries through the universal language of music, offering insight into the cultural treasures of Europe today. The European motto Unity in Diversity can hardly be so well observed and understood as within the culture of classical music. CE explores together with its audiences the extraordinary diversity and depth of European culture, while celebrating the ideals of harmony and unity, which will always be the essence of the EU. more

Gender issues in the orchestra 'A rethink is necessary' (by Antje Roeßler)
Interview with the conductor Maria Makraki: Gender parity takes time and political support

Elias Canetti remarked decades ago: 'There is no more vivid expression of power than the activity of a conductor.' Conducting is still mostly a male domain. Only a few women are leaders in professional orchestras. How far are we with equality at the conducting desk? A conversation with Maria Makraki, conductor of the Berlin-based Camerata Europæa. more

Edvard Grieg - The Holberg Suite Op. 40 
CAMERATA EUROPÆA - Maria Makraki, conductor 

I. Praeludium (Allegro vivace)
II. Sarabande (Andante) 
III. Gavotte (Allegretto) 
IV. Air (Andante religioso) 
V. Rigaudon (Allegro con brio) more

Ennio Morricone - Cinema Paradiso 
Valentini Loizou, piano 
CAMERATA EUROPÆA - Maria Makraki, conductor

L.O.V.E. - dedicated to International Women‘s Day (9.3.2024, Berlin)
Inspired and moved by the ideas of Greek philosophers and poets about the four different kinds of love (Eros, Philia, Storge and Agape), Camerata Europæa presents its program l.o.v.e., debuting a musical and cinematic journey into the known and unknown oceans of love …  more

Melina Paxinos, compositions
Valentini Loizou, piano
CAMERATA EUROPÆA - Maria Makraki, conductor

The three compositions by Melina Paxinos Music, titled "Amoroso," "Enigmatic," and "Drama Theme," will be part of her new orchestral album entitled "Amoroso". This year, they will be released alongside additional compositions as a cinematic neo-classical EP, inspired by the surrealism movement.  more

The Camerata Europæa (CE) invites young composers from all over the world to apply for the academy of the Camerata Europæa’s up to one-year promotion scheme Composers in Residence | Composer of the Month. Participation is possible for students of composition or composers from Europe and overseas who correspond to the aim of the Camerata Europæa to support the development of contemporary music in Europe. The programme aims to foster its participants and their works not only in Europe but also beyond building on the Camerata Europaea’s commitment to temporary and traditional European music. Presentational support consists in commissions for works to be performed in the Camerata Europæa’s concerts and recitals of CE-Youth and thus presented to a broad public. more

The Camerata Europæa (CE) invites young artists from all over the world to apply for the academy of the Camerata Europæa’s up to one-year promotion scheme Artists in Residence | Artist of the MonthParticipation is possible for artists from Europe and overseas who correspond to the aim of the Camerata Europæa to support the development of contemporary music in Europe. Programme highlight is invariably a solo performances by alternating musicians with the CE-Ensembles. The Artists in Residence | Artist of the Month programme provides artists with the opportunity to perform works by different genres, such as music, visual arts or acting. This support programme also facilitates the exposure to new ideas and offers an opportunity to gain practical experience. Aims of the programme also include the chance to make new contacts, which could prove useful for the artist's future creative work. In this way, the programme aspires to establish an international artistic network of participant artists and countries. more

CE inspires! Based on our recent approach, we not only focus on European music, but also on the connection between different genres by merging music and art. Within the Camerata Europæa (CE) programmes, music, art, culture, and lifestyle each find their own and unique place. By emphasizing the cultural dialogue we facilitate the access to art and music in our daily lives. The diverse events take the audience on an experimental and innovative journey through European cultures and artists, who enrich our lives with their charism and take an influence on our environment, are portrayed. Additionally, our calendar now presents – next to the CE-concerts, which are committed to the issues addressed by the  European Agenda for Culture – selected events with European contexts. more