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book ticketsEVENT | September 28, 2023 | Berlin, Germany

I live . love . fight . fail . survive
I, a human being, want to be heard and seen. In a fusion of music, film and performance, Camerata Europæa presents moments of daily life. 

Camerata Europæa (CE), inspired by the kaleidoscope of unique current events in the world, presents a cultural program for the year 2022/23 under the motto I AM HUMAN. New perceptions, new morals, new technologies, and ultimately a whole new world, shape modern man. With the progress of science and the evolution of technology, man has comprehended previously unimaginable concepts, marking great and admirable achievements. However, the powerful mechanisms of modern society focus and reward mainly ethical hedonism, materialism, the questioning of principles and the tearing down of essential moral standards, while cultivating the ego and self-deification. Today’s society promotes transience and mechanization of everything, which alienates man from his fellow man, causing their spirit to shrink and their souls to become drugged. There is a myopic, materialistic, economic-technical, if not wrecking approach to solving essential socio-geopolitical problems, while the quest of wisdom, the deepening of culture, and the cultivation of collective solidarity are no longer the main contemporary anthropocentric goals. A lot needs to change! Transcending boundaries and major upheavals (Status quo) can be achieved by a burst of intellectual culture. After all, our history has proven that intellectual and artistic awakenings always precede political and social revolutions. Culture gives existence quality and depth, breathes life into the essential and sheds light on what is important but neglected, while at the same time expanding human existence as a means of transcendence.

Thursday, September 28, 2023, 6 pm | Estrel Congress Center | Berlin, Germany
Peter Tschaikovsky (Serenade in C major, op. 48)
Video: Antonius Bacak, Elle Eisner
CAMERATA EUROPÆA | Maria Makraki, conductor

Location: Estrel Congress Center (Sonnenallee 225, 12057), Berlin, Germany
Event organized by the DOG (German Opthalmological Society)

Sonnenallee 225,
12057 Berlin,

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