Festival of Culture

Festival of Culture is a musical mass event, which spreads experimental musical culture and sound art. Classical and traditional forms are represented as well as new tendencies and trends; and both – the traditional with the contemporary, the known with the unknown – are merged in innovative programmes. The festival highlights the connection of different musical genres with its concerts and diverse additional programme. An interdisciplinary approach comes to life, in which music, performance, new media and improvisation meet, merge together, and create a harmonious unit.

Music, art, culture, and lifestyle are celebrated each year with changing thematic threads and each find their own and unique place within the festival. Most importantly, the areas do not stand for themselves, but rather appear in interaction with each other. Concerts, performances, exhibitions, improvisations, shows, and panels with artistic as well as cultural aspects create the chance for artists as well as the audience to experience local, national, and international programmes and discover new and exciting facets. Additionally, the Festival of Culture invites artists, soloists, and ensembles to a musical and artistic exchange and thus especially benefits the cultural dialogue.



'ODYSSEY' 2020

The Camerata Europæa (CE) presents as a part of its annual program 2020, a cultural project under the motto “Odyssey”, honoring forms of classic art and fusing them with various future tendencies and trends into an innovative program. Odyssey represents the long journey and the adventurous wandering into the inner self. Odyssey represents the long journey and the adventurous wandering into the inner self. A walk on the path of self-knowledge and perception. The return becomes a quest of the lost time, of the doubts and of the wounded emotions. The homecoming turns to be the allegory of life towards revelation and human failure. The original music lies at the heart of the program and embraces all other elements, such as visual arts, new media and performance. The artistic series Camerata Experimental, Camerata Mobile and the Festival of Culture serve as the tools for bringing the motto’s deeper meaning closer to the European audience. 

October 24, 2020 | Megaron Lilian Voudouri Hall | Athens, Greece
November 21, 2020 | Blackmore Music Theatre | Berlin, Germany
December 18, 2020 | Haus der Musik | Innsbruck, Austria

Works by Claude Debussy 'La Mer', Philip Glass 'Glassworks', Stavros Lantsias 'River of Time, Prelude of Return, Waltz of the Eyes', Benjamin Britten 'Simple Symphony' , Evanthia Reboutsika 'Stathmos, Through You'
CAMERATA EUROPÆA | Performance: Doris Plörer, Priska Teràn, Stephanie Parth, Elle Eisner | Video: Antonius Bacak & Elle Eisner | Screenplay & Direction: Elle Eisner | Photography: Nikos Bechrakis | Maria Makraki, Conductor
FILM 'Odyssey-A Journey of Passion' by Nikos Alevras | 'Last Fisherman' by Leo Kaserer

Admission 15 € I reduced admission 10 €
Tickets at tickets@camerata.eu and at the box office
© photography: Nikos Bechrakis  

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