In due time ...

Theodore Karathodoros „In due time …“
Nikolaos Konstantelias, baritone
CAMERATA EUROPÆA - Maria Makraki, conductor
The vocal part uses verses from "Burnt Norton", the first poem of Four Quartets by T. S. Eliot, in Greek translation by Haris Vlavianos.

Time present and time past 
Are both perhaps present in time future [...] 
[...] What might have been and what has been Point to one end, which is always present. 
Time past and time future 
Allow but a little consciousness. 
To be conscious is not to be in time 
But only in time can the moment in the rose - garden, The moment in the arbour where the rain beat, 
The moment in the draughty church 
at smokefall 
Be remembered; 
Home is where one starts from. [...] Not the intense moment. 
Isolated, with no before and after, But a lifetime of one man only [...] 
Love is most nearly itself 
When here and now cease to matter. 
[...] Turning shadow into transient beauty With slow rotation suggesting permanence. 
Time present and time past. 

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