Inspired and moved by the ideas of Greek philosophers and poets about the four different kinds of love (Eros, Philia, Storge and Agape), Camerata Europæa presents its program L.O.V.E., debuting a musical and cinematic journey into the known and unknown oceans of love …

Love, the crown of all virtues, is considered the foundation of goodness. In its absence, any activity becomes nullified, pointless and meaningless. The power of love transcends any temporal or geographical limitation and unites all who are bound by its energy. It has undoubtedly played a decisive role in various civilizations, it has been glorified in every form of art and praised by philosophers, writers and poets, it has been taught by the most known religions, but blood has also been shed in its name. Myths, legends, poems and plays have attempted to depict it across the centuries. Homer tells us about the love between Paris and the beautiful Helen, Plato teaches the meaning of “platonic” love, Sophocles writes in “Antigone” about the invincibility of love, Christ preaches in His Gospel about love as the supreme commandment, Shakespeare speaks about the doomed love of Romeo and Juliet, and yet Ingeborg Bachmann celebrates: “To love - to love, this is it. To love is everything”. In our Karathodoros world premiere “in due time” we praise the timeless love, the love that touches its own substance. Love is the highest virtue of all; it is deep, true and absolute. It can lift us to heaven, strengthen us, make us invulnerable. While death overshadows all the worries of life, love outlasts earthly life with an eternity of its own, and according to Goethe, “life is love, and its life-spirit”. (Maria Makraki, artistic director)

Saturday, October 14, 2023, 7 pm | Haus Vierundeinzig | Innsbruck, Austria
Works by Yann Tiersen (La Valse d’Amelie), Ennio Morricone (Cinema Paradiso),
Theodore Karathodoros (In due time...) for baritone and strings, 
Peter Tschaikovsky (Romeo and Julia Overture, Serenade in c major; Elegie)
Video & Screenplay: Elle Eisner, Harry Triendl, Sabine Schletterer
Photo motive: Ype Limburg, Gerald Huber
Performance: Brigitte Jaufenthaler, Guenther Lieder, Doris Ploerer, Peter Wolf, Elle Eisner, Philipp Walser, Amanda Eisner, Julia Beer, Marie Schletterer, Verena Simeoni
Soloists: Harry Triendl, Willi Eisner, Christian Tabakov, Nikolaos Konstantelias
CAMERATA EUROPÆA | Maria Makraki, conductor

Location: Haus Vierundeinzig, Hallerstraße 41, 6020 Innsbruck, Austria
Admission 20 € I reduced admission 15 €
Tickets at oeticket, at and at the box office 

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