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CE inspires! Based on our recent approach, we not only focus on European music, but also on the connection between different genres by merging music and art. Within the Camerata Europæa (CE) programmes, music, art, culture, and lifestyle each find their own and unique place. 

By emphasizing the cultural dialogue we facilitate the access to art and music in our daily lives. The diverse events take the audience on an experimental and innovative journey through European cultures and artists, who enrich our lives with their charism and take an influence on our environment, are portrayed. 

Additionally, our calendar now presents – next to the CE-concerts, which are committed to the issues addressed by the European Agenda for Culture – selected events with European contexts. Clearly represented, we display interesting exhibitions, workshops, symposia, and many more from the programmes of the European Capitals of Culture, our partner EUNIC Berlin, the Creative Europe Desks, the European Cultural Foundation, a. o. 

We are looking forward to your visit!

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