What is Time?

“What is Time?” – This question has always been tantalizing the mind of man, since time determined his very existence in a resolute way. From antiquity until today humankind has been trying to explain the concept of time and to approach its true nature. Questions such as whether the continuity of time is linear or cyclical, or the recent scientific perception that defines time as the 4th dimension along with length, height and width, excite the human mind and shape different theories on the meaning of time.

According to Heraclitus "Everything flows". Time is characterized by a sequence of events, movement-transformation -change. Each alteration comprises an oscillation from being to nonbeing and vice versa. Time is endless and at the same time relative. In his theory of relativity, Einstein defined time as a component quantity related to space; in fact he perceived time as a dimension of space, so it is inextricably linked to matter.

Time has a dual attribute. There is the objective mathematical time with its abstract substance that lacks quality and there’s the subjective time or otherwise the inner, qualitative life of Being. Psychological time opposes the mathematical quantitative space-time, since it describes the living Being’s path from a state of “potential” to a state of “active” aiming at its integration and self-realization.

Through its flow, music articulates and structures time. Music adds fluctuations, deviations and disruption to time through climax of instants, its direction, cuts, pauses, densities (stretto, accelerando) and dilutions (rallentando, ritenuto, rubato). Through music, transcendences are achieved and dimensions are annihilated, thus implying timelessness (immeasurable time within measure, discontinuity within continuity).

Through the freedom of expression intertwined with the listener’s experiential involvement and emotional charge, quality and depth are attributed to Now that embraces the Whole, but also the Whole embracing the Now. This is how the meaning of the past and the future as well as the concept of eternity is understood. But if we embrace every moment with Love, then Time acquires value and Life the meaning it deserves. (Maria Makraki, Artistic Director)

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