Berliner Zeitung
Wolfgang Fuhrmann, December 5, 2007

Europe starts in Brazil
The CAMERATA EUROPÆA at the chamber music hall of the Berlin Philharmonic with Villa-Lobos and Guarnieri

Villa Lobos and Guarnieri proceeded from their studies of Brazilian folk music - not in the way of Carnival-of-Rio folklore, but as an inspiration for a constructive method - as Bartók absorbed Hungarian, and Stravinsky assimilated Russian folklore.
This constructiveness was clearly comprehensible in the interpretation of the CAMERATA EUROPÆA, conducted by the young Greek conductor Maria Makraki. This "taking a look into Brazilian classical music" proved beneficial, also in the dedicated effort of bassoonist Frank Forst and in the controlled ecstasy of pianist Sergio Monteiro in "Seresta".
Above all, the evening offered the opportunity to experience the CAMERATA EUROPÆA (CE), established in 2007, on a large scale for the first time. Founded as a chamber orchestra on the initiative of composer Marcello Abbado (brother of Claudio), devoted to the European idea, the CE crystallized around conductor Maria Makraki and bassoonist Forst. The core group is composed of members of prestigious orchestras; the state orchestra Staatskapelle, the DSO, the Concert House Orchestra, and Camerata Salzburg. And this high quality was as evident in the soli of the concert master and the solo violist as in the near-flawlessly exact and melodious entries of both musicians at the double bass.

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