Theater and Concerts
The artists and musicians who participated in this year’s “Festival of Culture” received great applause and enthusiasm. The festival took place in March and June and was organized for the third time by the Camerata Europaea.
 Using the motto “Metamorphoses”, a diverse program was offered with many highlights for each music taste and age group. The audience enjoyed the innovative theater productions by Doris Plörer and Elle Eisner, as well as melodious concerts performed by the Orchestra Ensembles Camerata Innsbruck, which was guided by the famous Greek conductor Maria Makraki, TENM and Windkraft.
Other grate concerts were given by Bernd Haas and the Band MIR3 and Willi Eisner and Lauren Ostermann with their Jazz Fusion music.Young musicians from all over Europe were encouraged and supported, such as the pianist Elena Tamiolaki as well as the musicians Agnieszka Kulowska and Magdalena Hoffmann.Very special in the the entire program were the two premiers of Robert Zorn’s compositions and the Multimedia Performance by Harry Triendl, which were all composed for this specific Festival.  

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