Festival of Culture

Festival of Culture is a musical mass event, which spreads experimental musical culture and sound art. Classical and traditional forms are represented as well as new tendencies and trends; and both – the traditional with the contemporary, the known with the unknown – are merged in innovative programmes. The festival highlights the connection of different musical genres with its concerts and diverse additional programme. An interdisciplinary approach comes to life, in which music, performance, new media and improvisation meet, merge together, and create a harmonious unit.

Music, art, culture, and lifestyle are celebrated each year with changing thematic threads and each find their own and unique place within the festival. Most importantly, the areas do not stand for themselves, but rather appear in interaction with each other. Concerts, performances, exhibitions, improvisations, shows, and panels with artistic as well as cultural aspects create the chance for artists as well as the audience to experience local, national, and international programmes and discover new and exciting facets. Additionally, the Festival of Culture invites artists, soloists, and ensembles to a musical and artistic exchange and thus especially benefits the cultural dialogue.



Festival of Culture 2019 

Utopia, a word originating in the ancient Greek language (topos: place), is the ideal place or state of affairs that we long for. Who do I want to be? What kind of world do I want to live in? These are all questions holding true to the head word utopia. However, when concerning oneself with ideal visions, one cannot circumvent their counterparts. One would be talking about a world and a society deviating from utopia that finds itself in a constant state of unrest. Right and wrong, good and evil, light and darkness – our life consists of opposites. The Festival of Culture 2019 meets and explores all of these worlds and new realities.

April 13-14, 2019 | Haus der Musik | Innsbruck, Austria
"Zyklus IV", 
world premiere by Harry Triendl – kunst4life
Works by: Gustav Holst "The Planets", Martin Anton Schmid "Madiba" - world premiere,
Karl Jenkins "Palladio"
Camerata Innsbruck CINNS | Maria Makraki, conductor

Location: Haus der Musik (Universitätsstr.1, 6020), Innsbruck, Austria
Day ticket: 20 € | red. admission 15 €
Tickets at: tickets@camerata.eu, via online application and at the box office
In cooperation with Kunst4life and NOA'H Theater
With the kind support of the Cultural Office Innsbruck and the Government of Tyrol

Festival programme to be announced



Festival of Culture 2018 

June 2-3, 2018 | Haus Vierundeinzig | Innsbruck, Austria

In 2018 an artistic metamorphosis will be performed as part of the Camerata Europaea’s annual programme. Under this motto the CE gives the audience the opportunity to experience music, art and culture in a new dimension. In this context, the motto 'Metamorphoses' allegorizes transformations and mutations, which are closely connected to the concepts of time and space. The aim is the artistic and innovative expression as well as depiction of internal processes of change. The concepts of 'Restyle', 'Refashion', and 'Replace' are also included in the artistic concept and create a fascinating dialogue between artists, audience and the various disciplines. Tools for this purpose are the artistic series camerata experimental, festival of culture, and camerata mobile, which will allegorically convey the motto to the audience.

Programme to be downloaded:

programm_camerata_festival_2018.pdf (1,3 MB)

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