Camerata Mobile 2018

March 22-24, 2018 | Freies Theater | Innsbruck, Austria

In 2018 an artistic metamorphosis will be performed as part of the Camerata Europaea’s annual programme. Under this motto the CE gives the audience the opportunity to experience music, art and culture in a new dimension. In this context, the motto 'Metamorphoses' allegorizes transformations and mutations, which are closely connected to the concepts of time and space. The aim is the artistic and innovative expression as well as depiction of internal processes of change. The concepts of 'Restyle', 'Refashion', and 'Replace' are also included in the artistic concept and create a fascinating dialogue between artists, audience and the various disciplines. Tools for this purpose are the artistic series camerata experimental, festival of culture, and camerata mobile, which will allegorically convey the motto to the audience.

Programme to be downloaded:

plakat_camerata_festival_2018.pdf (569 KB)

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