Camerata Europaea (CE)

Camerata Europaea (CE) is a cultural organization with orchestras – in Berlin (camerata europaea berlin), Innsbruck (camerata europaea innsbruck) and Athens (camerata europaea athens), of superb musicians from across the European Union. This unique new organization was formed in 2007 in the metropolis Berlin to encourage the dialogue between European countries and form a greater understanding through the universal language of music. 

Both, the remarkably versatile orchestras and their repertoire, reflect the distinctiveness and variety of the European nations. Concerts are dedicated especially to presenting the works of European composers in extensive performances throughout the European Union. CE is also keen to foster the talents of emerging young artists (camerata europaea youth) and will proudly represent Europe on the world stage. 

Vibrant and innovative concert programs unite traditional with the contemporary, familiar with the obscure, offering insight into the cultural treasures of Europe today. Works are selected to give equal precedence to preserving the diversity of the European music tradition and to cultivating developments in contemporary music. 

Camerata Europaea explores together with its audiences the extraordinary diversity and depth of European culture, while celebrating the ideals of harmony and unity, which will always be the essence of the EU. more

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