Music PLUS

The Camerata Europæa unites music across borders with other art forms and musical genres to render the contemporary music more appealing and capture the enthusiasm of the audience. The question is, how can light, sculptures, architecture, pictures, multi media, fashion and other forms of art be introduced into a room to create a special atmosphere during a concert, thereby appealing to other senses and enabling an audience to listen to a concert with more 'relaxed' hearing.

The CE is planning to arrange special concerts having this in mind: specific light colours will be chosen for each composition and (wooden) sculpture/pictures positioned behind each of the musicians, or in the background.

In further projects the CE envisages introducing continuous light installations, which enfold each composition in its own cocoon of light and change the atmosphere of the entire room. The concert series Music PLUS already sets great store by a special lighting arrangement for 'classical' concerts. This gives the audience a more refreshing and appealing experience of the traditional concert hall.

As a consequence of these ideas, the CE would also like to bring the music into contemporary halls, in the context of exhibitions or vernissages in museums and galleries, or in connection with a distinctive architectural construction. The CE arranges innovative programmes for selected concerts relating to special exhibitions and performs them at individual presentations of visual art.

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