Polyphonic Europe

With this deliberately open motto the Camerata Europæa takes the opportunity to assume a position on current issues and musical themes, as well as to add a musical dimension to the cultural celebrations and festivals within the European Union.

Thus topics can now be addressed within the context of Polyphonic Europe such as the status of European art music, or a provocative comparison can be drawn between the concepts of antiquity and postmodernism.

For celebrations such as the various European Music Day, carnivals or May Day, thematic concerts could be held at different venues and with different concepts, open-air concerts for example at major official May Day celebrations.

The open concept of this series also affords the possibility for thematic concerts to focus on neglected European art music, such as European Jewish music and twentieth century ‘exile music’ or, for example, music by contemporary or older black European composers during the annual Black History Month.

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