Trio Europe

Every year on Europe Day on May 9 the Camerata Europæa, in close cooperation with EUNIC Berlin, performs the concert cycle Trio Europe for orchestra and solos in varying prestigious European concert halls. The concert series will contribute toward furthering the values of the European Union, as well as acquainting audiences with the diversity of European art music. The trio will be formed by three EUNIC cultural institutions representing their respective countries or three facets of European music and art culture.

Contributing countries will be selected according to the respective presidency of the European Council. In the event that the country holding the presidency of the European Council does not maintain a EUNIC institution, participation in the series could also be passed on to countries with close geographical ties (the Benelux countries for example), or countries that were formerly hostile (Germany-France-Poland for example).

Works by composers living and working in these countries will be selected for the respective performance on the basis of a recommendation by the artistic director of each of the institutions according to certain criteria. Further, the series Trio Europe will convey the musical intention of the work and in this way give expression to the specific national mentality and identity by including a soloist from one of the trio countries.

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